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 Global XP

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Blue Balls
Blue Balls

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PostSubject: Global XP    Fri Jul 06, 2012 5:25 pm

Hi allow me to explain the main reason why you or other teams lose games. It basically comes down to global XP. The reason why one team out XP's the other is because they're collectively as a team earning more experience then you. The easiest way to improve yourself at this game is to limit the amount of time you spend at your own base.

"But random I don't understand how is that I'm farming I'm doing my thing"
random's answer: Alright perhaps you are but take a brief look at your opponents. Are all 3 of them farming? Now take a look at your team what do they do? Is there only 2 of your guys farming while the other is shopping or running around doing nothing?

If all 3 are farming at the same time they're earning experience at 100% of the rate
If only 2 are farming and 1 is afk your only earning experience at about 66% of the rate.

"random but random somebody left the game is op as crap because one team has more or less players"
random's answer: Again it comes down to how often somebody is afk though statistically it does favor the team with less players.

If 1 guy out of the 2 is farming their team is earning experience at about 50% of the rate.
If 2 out of 3 of your team is farming your earning experience at about 66% of the rate.
If 2 out of 3 of your team is afk and only you are farming your earning experience at about 33% of the rate.

In other words if their ally is afk/doing nothing your team of 3 consisting of 2 farming while the other is doing nothing will be gaining experience at a faster rate. However since the team of 3 has more players its often to the team of 2 players favor because there are more instances of your team doing nothing hence handicapping the rate experience is given.

"random but random all 3 of us are farming and we're still getting out leveled wtf is going on?"
random's answer: Exactly how fast is your team killing creeps? Look at the other team are they spread out? Yes. Okay what is your team doing? Farming Together. So all 3 of you together collected experience from 1 source while your opponent is collecting from 3 sources at the same time. Started to put the pieces together yet? So while you 3 move on to the next camp your opponents are moving on to their next camp. They're now covering 5/6 areas to your 2. Farming together is what those idiots who buy nothing do because they're stupid. Sorry for that last sentence but when you run into thick heads who keep insisting farming together is good you get that way sometimes.

Note that it is impossible to be earning experience 100% of the time but actively increasing the rate that you are farming will more often then not help your team win the game or at the very least keep it competitively close.

Now for the more advance part of our lesson how to win the game?
The team that controls more camps will ultimately win the game on levels and gold alone. Meaning anytime a lane is not actively covered is a good time to take that source of creeps. This both deny's potential experience to your opponent while giving it to your team.

What often loses games more times then not? Blown creep coverage. Let's assume we got 3 players at the very least 1 should go mid, 1 should go top, and 1 goes bottom. Special mention 2 going mid where 1 goes top mid and the other middle which is done for an aggressive gank strategy which chokes opponents experience and gold gains. Any time there's a blown lane you can be more then sure your opponent will attempt to take over it. Worse case scenario is they blown mid coverage as it is the safest to steal and has lesser walking distance.

Stalemate farming: Stalemate farming generally means there is relatively no encroachment from either side and they just farming their own territory. This will generally favor the team with more late game/ better dueling skills.
Pubs tend to have this stay on your own side attitude but if you do this it can be almost assumed you will lose the game unless you have something that comes on line later.
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Skilled Player
Skilled Player

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PostSubject: Re: Global XP    Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:54 pm

One more note on "location" farming. Look at creep levels when you are ready to choose where to farm next lower level creeps usually die faster meaning fast gold faster xp often time getting you 1 more upgrade to attack the next spawn with.

If you are melee and don't have orb yet try to avoid a spawn that has 3 flying creeps unless you have spells to kill them.

If you are heavily dependent on spells don't run into a camp with 5 infernos unless you want to take 5 hours killing them, go kill another couple of areas get a bit stronger then take out that camp or have a teammate that is dps take them out

Try to farm in patterns for example middle bottom front bottom back heal top mid top front top back (that would be a pvp pattern adjust per team size). This will minimize the amount of time running from spawn to spawn and from spawn to base.
Save this link for a replay to see Carefulibite's tips in action Download the file then search in wc3 folder to view replay. Pay attention to how team 1 farms. Not a perfect example but enough to see what a difference it can make.
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Average Player
Average Player

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PostSubject: Re: Global XP    Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:13 am

I watched the replay ... poor wrath he really did have a horrible random. What time of the day are you guys doing these tutorials??
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OVER 900!!!
OVER 900!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Global XP    Thu Jul 12, 2012 4:37 pm

We really don't have a set time I pop in whenever Orimis and Random are usually on later at night because they are on the west coast.

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Blue Balls
Blue Balls

Posts : 785
Join date : 2009-07-06
Location : A little south of sanity

PostSubject: Re: Global XP    Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:16 pm

That really wasn't a tutorial game though I guess you can call every game a tutorial in its own way. Right now what I'm doing in every game I host is giving players the very basic tips at the beginning of the game which they often ignore. Still I hope some read them in hopes of a better game though. I'm not entirely sure if wrath has the same luck but whenever I get the games worse random builds I also get the worse allies as well. I don't really remember if his were really bad or just new.
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PostSubject: Re: Global XP    

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Global XP
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